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Here’s what you should know about getting your wisdom teeth removed. 

No one relishes the idea of getting a tooth taken out. Of course, unless a tooth is unhealthy there usually isn’t much reason to pull it; however, once wisdom teeth start to erupt our Meridian, ID, dentists Dr. Ryan Olson and Dr. Brant Burbank will keep their eye on it to look for signs that you will need to have them extracted.

But what if your wisdom teeth don’t hurt? Do I still need them out? 

A lot of people assume that if their teeth aren’t causing symptoms that everything is probably just fine. Of course, your wisdom teeth don’t necessarily have to cause pain for there to be underlying issues. From a simple x-ray, our dentist will be able to determine if your wisdom teeth are impacted, which means that they won’t be able to fully break through the gums like normal teeth. If this happens, this means that there will now be a partial opening in the gums for bacteria and food to get trapped, which can increase your chances for decay and infection.

Some wisdom teeth also grow in at an angle, which can cause them to press against other teeth and cause damage. To prevent damage to surrounding teeth the best option is to have the wisdom teeth removed. Waiting to have your wisdom teeth extracted could increase your chances for more serious problems such as numbness of the mouth or fractured teeth.

Other reasons wisdom teeth might need to be removed include,

  • An increase in cavities
  • Crowding and other alignment issues
  • Sinus problems
  • Dental or jaw damage

Will wisdom tooth removal hurt? 

If our Meridian, ID, dentists decide your wisdom teeth need to come out the type of surgery performed will depend on whether the teeth have fully erupted or whether they are impacted. If they have fully erupted then the tooth can be easily removed with forceps. If the teeth are impacted then an incision will need to be made in the gums and the tooth will need to be broken up and carefully removed in sections. Both types of wisdom tooth removal procedures will be performed under local anesthesia and sedation to help you feel completely relaxed and pain-free.

No matter whether you need to schedule your six-month cleaning or sit down and discuss wisdom tooth removal with our Meridian, ID, family dentists, call Mountain View Pointe Dental at (208) 242-2855 to schedule a consultation.