Questions About Dental Crowns


A dental crown is an artificial tooth that is fabricated to be fitted over your existing tooth after it has been trimmed and shaped. It covers the visible portion of the tooth down to the gum line and restores the shape, size, color, and function of your tooth.  With proper care and maintenance, crowns can […]

Root Canals


What are Root Canals? If you suffer from persistent, localized dental pain, you might have a severe tooth infection that requires a root canal to alleviate the problem. Root canals are a common dental procedure at Today’s Dentistry designed to clean up bacteria from infected roots of teeth. Telltale signs that could indicate that you […]

Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Painful?


blog post Here’s what you should know about getting your wisdom teeth removed.  No one relishes the idea of getting a tooth taken out. Of course, unless a tooth is unhealthy there usually isn’t much reason to pull it; however, once wisdom teeth start to erupt our Meridian, ID, dentists Dr. Ryan Olson and Dr. […]

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